You brought with you the perfect bottle of wine to a party, you’re now thinking that you should have grabbed two.  A week passes and your friends can’t stop talking about how much fun they had.  They even started to plan the next get together.  This time you want to be prepared and get a few extra bottles.    

Alicia M. Beharry, our Managing Director, established Alto Vino in 2011. Originally working solo, Alicia, was able to break in to the difficult Ontario market with a bang. She was able to get some of Australia’s most prestigious wines listed in liquor stores and restaurants throughout Ontario and across other Canadian provinces.  Since then, Alto Vino has brought fine wines to the Caribbean. 

Alto Vino’s vision is to offer a high quality product accompanied with a level of service that cannot be rivaled. This service is at all levels, extending from the producer through to the consumer. Over time, Alto Vino will be one of the premier distribution agencies within Canada.   


    Alicia M. Beharry

   Managing Director